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Once you’ve decided on a plan that meets your coverage needs, we’ll immediately begin the enrollment process over the phone with easy payment setup!

I spoke with Carl R. yesterday, and I have to say, what an awesome person to speak with if you have to go through the tedious process of getting insurance! He kept the conversation light and hopping and fun, Not to mention found me a fantastic deal. I definitely recommend. Thanks, Carl!
Brooke B.
They have very reasonable rates that are affordable. I received supplemental health, dental & vision plan for $76.00 per month. So far, until I have to use it; it seems to be far.
Keith L.
I highly recommend Lighthouse because of the professionalism and attention to detail that Jason R, a health insurance agent displays. Five stars out of 5 stars!
Katherine H.
Wanted to thank you Israel J. for all your hard work and professional support. Israel J. and Lighthouse will be highly recommended and praised for all your excellent work. Thank you for making my life and insurance needs affordable and so much easier. Their caring attitude and customer satisfaction are the greatest.
William H.
Thank you! You were absolutely right. I received a check from SureBridge (Chesapeake) reimbursed for charges I received after my skiing accident in December. I am happy to say, I have fully recovered and am back to work. The check will cover some lost wages. I really appreciate your making me aware of this, as I thought I had to be admitted over night to receive any compensation for illness or injuries. I hope all is well with you and your family. I know it's been a challenging Winter as far as the weather. Hang in there Spring is coming!
Debbie G
What a weight off my shoulders! Healthcare. gov/Market Place had me so damn confused! I was so frustrated! And afraid I was going to lose my insurance I just got done paying off a deductible on! So happy with this insurance Rosie!!! So grateful to you! You’re FANTASTIC! Thanks a heap!!!!!!!!

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