03/06/2020 Coronavirus - LIG Financial Protection

BlogCoronavirus - LIG Financial Protection

If you or your family had to be QUARANTINED for 14+ days because of COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), could you survive financially?

The news media has been telling you 24/7 that now is the time to PREPARE, and the one thing they do not discuss is the FINANCIAL ramification of being quarantined.

The team at LIG is prepared to have this conversation with you to ensure you have the correct health insurance and income protection coverage in case you are hit with this nasty bug!

Now is the time to call LIG to find out if your current insurance coverage is appropriate and can handle the situation if the unfortunate happens to you or your family.

Call 866-229-9888 today or click here https://ligmembers.com/ligquotes/ for more information. 

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