About Us

About LIG

Our purpose is to provide the public with industry-leading, one point of contact insurance solutions while setting the highest industry standards of professionalism, providing the greatest growth opportunities for our employees, and maximizing value for our stakeholders.

“We Are the Fastest Way
to Great Advice.”

– Lighthouse Insurance Group (LIG)

As an Insurance Advisor, LIG specializes in insurance with over 30+ years of combined experience in the health, life, and Medicare insurance industry and has successfully distributed more than 60,000+ insurance policies nationwide.

Lighthouse Insurance Group (LIG) has been a leader in the individual market space since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). The ACA has generated a new frontier for individuals purchasing health insurance. No longer restricted to only the standard employer distribution for health insurance, individuals now have access to a variety of coverage plans through health insurance exchanges or marketplaces. Specializing in comprehensive solutions for providing health coverage in a complicated marketplace, Lighthouse (LIG) primarily focuses on enhancing the on-exchange, off-exchange and private exchange purchasing of self-directed consumers utilizing licensed and experienced health insurance professionals.

Why shop for insurance coverage through Lighthouse Insurance Group?

Our licensed health insurance agent’s services are free. A plan never costs more just because you choose to buy with an agent and the benefits of shopping through a licensed agent who can help understand the benefits and different coverage plans makes it easy for you to shop smarter without paying more.

When you shop for health insurance during the Open Enrollment Period, you’ll get:


In most states, LIG can help you apply for government subsidies that can lower your monthly premiums. You’ll get the same subsidies you would qualify for through a government website, with superior customer experience. Subsidies are only available for qualified applicants primarily based on income.


Our licensed health insurance agents make shopping for coverage simple, and provide you with personal help and advice when you need it, at no extra cost to you.


LIG offers a huge selection of quality health insurance plans from brand-name insurance companies nationwide. In most states, LIG offers health plans available through government exchanges, plus other health plans that are only available outside of government exchanges.